Prema mattresses are preventive single-sided mattresses made of cold polyurethane foam with reduced flammability. The core of the mattress is profiled with Flex effect. The edges are reinforced and the removable cover is HF welded. The underside of the cover is made of a material with increased strength. 

Cold polyurethane core foam: Reduces the patient's thermal sensitivity as this material quickly adapts to human body temperature.

Reinforced edges: The edges of the mattress are reinforced with highly resilient foam to stabilise the patient and ensure comfort when sitting on the edge of the bed and a feeling of security when lying down.

Core foam with matrix cut channels: For internal air circulation and patient comfort; follows bed articulation.

Three specific areas: The mattress core is divided into three zones according to the profiling shape. A special area of very soft cubes is created in the section beneath the head and heels. This feature provides extra pressure relief and patient comfort.

Technical features

Preventive pressure-relieving mattress suitable for prevention in patients with low risk. Risk II, Norton scale 20-17.

Total weight of the Prema mattress is 8.2 kg.

This mattress can be used for patients weighing no more than 120 kg. Over this load, the prevention feature could be affected and foam deformation could occur in the medium term.

  • Prema mattresses can be used on these formats:  200 x 86 x 14 and 170 x 80 x 14 cm.
  • For other dimensions or special dimensions, please ask your local representative.

The cover is made of exclusive material. Vapour permeable, welded cover and zip.

The Prema mattress core is made of cold polyurethane foam and is divided into three zones according to the profiling shape. The profiled central section is adapted for even weight distribution.


Quality marks & Awards

ISO 9001


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