Efecta mattresses provide a preventative surface indicated for very low risk patients. It is adequate for nursing homes, home care and general acute care environments. It is a good and functional choice to maintain skin integrity.

Paramètres techniques

Indicated for prevention in patients with very low risk. Risk I, Norton 20-19.

Total weight of the Efecta mattress is 7.5 kg.

This mattress can be used for patients weighing no more than 100 kg. Over this load, the prevention feature could be affected and foam deformation could occur in the medium term.

Efecta mattresses can be used on these formats:   200 x 86 x 14; 170 x 80 x 14 a 200 x 90 x 14 cm. For other dimensions or special dimensions, please ask your local representative.

The cover is made from a flexible and steam permeable fabric, welded cover and zip.

High density foam monoblock with special cutting.


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ISO 9001


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