Bénéfices patient / soignant

The mattress has a higher foam layer, making it suitable for bariatric patients and also ensures their comfort.

Due to these cuttings, pressure on the patient is optimised during positioning of the bed.

The way the mattress core is profiled helps correctly distribute pressure between the patient and the mattress. In addition to a clinical preventive effect, this affords greater comfort because the mattress adapts to the shape of the patient’s body. Due to the profiling, the mattress better reacts to the positioning of the bed.

Paramètres techniques

With correct positioning of the patient, the mattress is suitable for patients with up to a second degree risk of the incidence of pressure ulcers.

The total weight of the mattress is 15 kg.

This mattress is suitable for bariatric patients with a maximum weight of 300 kg. Above this weight, the preventive anti-decubitus effects may be restricted, and the mattress may be deformed.

The EffectaCare 20+ mattress is standardly available in the size 200x100x16 cm.  Special requirements for other dimensions can be dealt with on an individual basis.

The mattress cover is made of a flexible vapour-permeable material with a concealed zip.

The mattress core consists of a solid block of polyurethane foam.


200 cm

100 cm

Thickness 16  cm
Weight of the mattress 15 kg

Solid block of PUR foam

Non-flammable (CRIB 5)


46 kg/m3


Sewn cover, covered zip

Non-flammable (CRIB 7)

Patient weight limit 300 kg



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