Ergomatt is a preventive pressure reducing mattress suitable for patients with lower risk of pressure sores. Especially designed for the Ergoframe® mattress platform on Eleganza 3 and Eleganza 3XC beds. This contour feature fits the mattress to the platform, providing ergonomic patient positioning and excellent pressure ulcer prevention. 1st degree Stirling. Risk II – III, Norton 20-16.

Combined visco-elastic and foam core: Combination of both materials provides excellent comfort and a strong base to support the patient's weight. Comfort and prevention combined in adequate proportion.

Base shaped to fit perfectly on Ergoframe: The Ergomatt base fits perfectly on the Eleganza range of bed frames, increasing general patient comfort and ensuring the mattress always remains in the proper position.

Shaped corners: Ergomatt includes 4 rounded corners to make the insertion of different poles in bed frame holders easier. 

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Preventive pressure-relieving mattress suitable for patients with medium risk of pressure ulcers or with existing 1st degree Stirling pressure ulcers. Risk II – III, Norton 20-16.

Total weight of the Ergomatt mattress is 12.5 kg.

This mattress can be used for patients weighing no more than 120 kg. Over this load, the prevention feature could be affected and foam deformation could occur in the medium term.

Ergomatt mattresses can only be used on this format: 208 x 86 x 14 cm and 200 x 90 x 14 cm.

Waterproof, vapour permeable, seams are welded to effectively prevent ingress of any fluids, 3 sides zip.

The Ergomatt mattress core is made of cold PU foam. The core is a block of thick foam, which is covered by a layer of visco.


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