For our current and new customers we have prepared a special summer offer. Pick a product from the list below and order it now using our website form or contact a sales representatives in your country.

Eleganza 1, Eleganza 2, Image 3


Order 10 or more beds* and get one from the selection bellow for free

Eleganza 1

11th bed Eleganza 1, Eleganza 2 or Image 3
Eleganza 1
A fully adjustable electric bed. The Eleganza 1 hospital bed is designed for standard hospital wards and long term care units. The bed has a simple construction with a wide range of above-standard features and sophisticated functions delivered at low cost, thus providing customers with great value for money.

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Eleganza 2

Eleganza 2

Eleganza 2 is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties, and is easily accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare. This healthcare bed is highly practical, stylish and makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and due to its modern design moves the quality of provided care to a higher level.

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Image 3

Image 3

The Image 3 electrically adjustable hospital bed respects growing demands of patients and nursing staff. The design of the bed is timeless and suitable for a broad spectrum of health care and nursing care.

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Pura chair

1 Pura chair
The new chair designed for getting hospitals more „lean“. Pura is a fully equipped chair for day surgery and diagnostic procedures, comfortable for dialysis, oncology treatment or blood donation. Transporting the patient is safe and not physically strenuous and the quick and easy electric control adjusts the height of the chair for ergonomic work with the patient.

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Sprint 100

1 Sprint 100 stretcher
A sophisticated transport stretcher with amazing benefits such as the world´s first IV poles with integrated push handles, soft drop siderails, brakes accessible on all 4 sides, retractable 5th castor with gas suspension for better ride and a hydraulic system which allows caregivers to easily set the cardiac chair position.

 Sprint 100 brochure


Order 5 or more beds* and get one from the selection bellow for free



*The special offer applies only to purchase of above mentioned quantity of Eleganza 1, Eleganza 2 or Image 3. Minimum size order is 5 beds, max. 100 beds.
The product´s offer depends on the availability of your market.
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